Felix Guo

C, C++, Python, Web, Game Engine Dev
Computer Science and Business Administration
University of Waterloo
Citadel LLC, Chicago
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Citadel Securities LLC.

Aug 2021 - Present

Developing tools and infrastructure for order routing in execution services in C++, and Python.

Riot Games Inc.

Jun - Aug 2020

Worked on champion bug-fixing and scripting, developed internal tooling features and refactored game engine for optimizations in C++.

Citadel Securities LLC.

Sept - Dec 2019

Developed tools and infrastructure for order routing in execution services in C++, and Python.

Google LLC.

May - Aug 2018

Worked on building and launching a unit-testing framework for the Linux Kernel, KUnit, writing the framework in C and accompanying scripts in Python.

Oath Inc.

Jan - Apr 2018

Architected and implemented a complex UI flow for Creating Contests and Leagues for Yahoo Fantasy Sports Android. All new source code was written and developed in Kotlin.

Yahoo! Inc.

May - Aug 2017

Worked on creating custom Android folding animations for new advertisement layouts using Java.

Inkpad Studios

Nov 2014 - June 2016

Developed from ground up a fun Android game called Pedal Panic using Unity and C#.




Programming Language | Documentation
WendyScript is a dynamically typed imperative programming language. Information about the syntax and download for the compiler can be found in the documentation.
Technologies Used: C


Terminal Text Editor | Github
Yate is a terminal text editor that supports arbitrary nested layouts of tabs and panels, simple keyboard shortcuts, branching edit history, and syntax highlighting.
Technologies Used: C++, ncurses
Mercury WM

Mercury WM

Chrome Extension | Github
Mercury replaces the new-tab page with a fully functioning tiling window manager, backed by a JS operating system. It allows users to create panels displaying relevant information, and customize the new tab page into any layout.
Technologies Used: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, React, Redux
Lumen Astrum

Lumen Astrum

Work in Progress | Github
Lumen Astrum is a turn-based real-time strategy game where you control your units to battle against an enemy. Defend your command center by building structures to create units and upgrade stats.
Technologies Used: Javascript
Tetris (with friends)

Tetris (with friends)

Online Tetris Game | Github
Recreation of the Tetris Friends Facebook game but with no ads and is quick to setup. More information can be found on the Github page.
Technologies Used: Javascript
Come Play For Me

Come Play For Me

Freelance Project | https://comeplayforme.com/
A freelance website project for a private piano teacher in Vancouver. I also created a backend panel system for her to easily change all the content on the website.
Technologies Used: HTML5, PHP, CSS, Javascript, MySQL